The mission of the Folk Art Academy is to provide a means for the History of Folk Art to be taught, skills to be nurtured, appreciation to be fostered, provide state of the art opportunities for all ages, and technical assistance to those interested in Folk Art as a career/business opportunities.

The goal of the Folk Art Academy is to provide quality services relating to Folk Art while maintaining the History of Folk Art for years and generations to come. The objective of the Academy is to provide:

  • Folk Art
  • History Lectures
  • Careers relating to Folk Art presentations/Hands on experiences
  • Folk Art Exhibits
  • Children/Youth Camps
  • Folk Art In The Park/natural environment presentations that include theory lecture , Hands on experiences,Participants Exhibit
  • Special Event Services
  • Career Fair Exhibits
  • Instructional class delivery

Participants will have an opportunity to, nurture, strengthen and gain an appreciation for the History of Folk Art through age-appropriate fun meaningful experiences.

Folk artist Wendell Wilson’s respect, appreciation, and understanding of the field of Folk Art served as the guide for the creation of the Wendell Wilson Folk Art Academy .The definition of the art assisted Mr Wilson and his team of professionals in creating the mission, goal, objectives, and outcomes for the Academy and the participants that are served through the Academy’s customized activities.

The Wendell Wilson Folk Art Academy is centered around a definition of folk art that is best defined as an art form that comes from traditions and experiences of culture, heritage lifestyles , and surroundings.

The MISSION is to broaden the knowledge, understanding, interpretation of the visual arts and culture   of the World through its events, exhibits, educational programs, publications camps, and research etc.

It is the goal of the Wendell Wilson Folk Art Academy to provide opportunities for participants to better understand and appreciate the qualities of folk art that includes terms such as directness, simplicity, and imagination – and that a true spirit and heart is contained in the quality of folk art with little other art even remotely related to it. This allows each participant an opportunity to feel comfortable in reaching his/her personal art plateau.

It is the objective of the Wendell Wilson Folk Art Academy to allow participants to understand the two general categories for all work created as folk art. One is what is referred to as ‘memory” painting and usually encompasses the older, self taught artists where scenes were recorded as documentation of their early rural lives. The second category is known as “the raw”, expressive and seemingly child-like work of current folk artists, seems almost as connected to contemporary art as folk art.

In conclusion, it is the desire of the Wendell Wilson Folk Art Academy to provide opportunities for each participant to gain a clear understanding of folk art and the importance while providing experiences that allows the development & appreciation for the works of famous folk artist as well as appreciate their own personal works and knowledge base to reach their highest personal goals relating to folk art.